(Larry Radloff / Icon Sportswire via Associated Press). Davante demanded so much of the ball because he was always open and if youve got a guy who is always open, you gotta give him the ball, Rodgers said. Now hes all swaggy. The flip side of that is that LaFleur empowers his assistants and wants input, Stenavich said, and lets assistants address the room in ways other coaches might not. For others, they are growth experiences. I didnt understand exactly how to talk to him, and he didnt exactly understand how to talk to me, Rodgers says. LaFleur visited Rodgers in California a second time in 2021 before Rodgers acquiesced to playing for the Packers last season. Davante knows how I feel about him, LaFleur says. The league reflects their image now and they are having a great time with it. (Its not.) Whatever is going to help them be their best, thats what we want. Arguably one of the best receivers of all time, especially when it comes to route running, Packers receiver Allen Lazard said of Adams. Matty Im sure knew this was a possibility, Rodgers says of the controversy. Sign up and stay up to date with our daily newsletter. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers kiddingly said his toe issue, later revealed to be a fracture, was COVID toe. He mentions Tom Clementswho just returned as the Packers quarterbacks coach and who coached him earlier in his careerand former quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt, now the offensive coordinator in Cleveland, as people whove given him extremely granular tasks to improve on each day. I said, You know how I feel, but I was going to let him have his space and make whatever decision he thought was best for him. The coach-quarterback relationship ultimately helped LaFleur build trust with his entire team. 12 pick in 2019. The lines could have been made with a ruler. Im in Green Bay to find out why more people dont say that. In June, before his first season, LaFleur threw the first pitch at the Green and Gold charity softball game at Fox Cities Stadium in Grand Chute, Wis. His sons, Luke and Ty, were there, as was his quarterback. Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur GREEN BAY - Matt LaFleur and the Packers put football on the back burner this past week. McDaniel said that with everyone in their 20s or early 30s, with no kids, coaches worked 20-hour days just to get Kyle Shanahans workplace affection. Despite being from Michigan, he hated the cold (he cops to being soft), and Green Bay is a rough spot to feel that way. If I can stand up and say I could have done things better, I think people are more receptive to accepting constructive criticism.. video. LaFleur has the same job: Make Rodgerss tape look better than it used to be, an increasingly high bar. This is their job and I expect them to come to work ready to play. The West Coast offense, what he was used to, is very guy for a guy when it comes to protection. I dont need to sit there and babysit them. While he also had three interceptions over the same span, it can be attributed to part of the growing pains that a young quarterback will have with the lack of snaps afforded to him. By submitting your email, you agree to our, whose variations have revolutionized a handful of teams. This, I assure you, is part of the story. I want to be held accountable, Rodgers says. AP NFL: https://apnews.com/hub/nfl and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL, Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur speaks during the NFC head coaches availability at the NFL football meetings, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, in Phoenix. That is special, really special.. Stay up to date with our daily newsletter, Aaron Rodgers Hints At Finishing Out Contract With New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens Earn Strong Grades For 2023 Draft Picks, 2023 FIBA World Cup Excitement Hits Fever Pitch In Philippines, 'Special' Jaiswal: From Homeless To IPL Hero, Thousands Protest French Government's Immigration Plans, Wars, Religion And Football: Five Faces Of Erdogan, Qatar Spends Big To Beat Post-World Cup Blues, The Green Bay Packers have finally dealt Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, His departure has firmly entrenched Jordan Love as the Packers star quarterback, Head coach Matt LaFleur is all in on his new lead guy. He didnt care how it affected him, he just wanted to do what he thought was right., In the beginning, there was Bill Walsh College Football. ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay said this is the strongest tight end class in the past decade or so. LaFleur's not going to scream or lecture and he's not so self-absorbed to take his eye off the road. It all starts with Kyle, Mike LaFleur said. To Matt this may have been meaningful, but it doesnt even stick in my brain. The Eagles entered the draft with six selections, including the tenth and 30th overall pick and a second and third-rounder. LaFleur took over for the Green Bay Packers' former head coach, Mike McCarthy, in . A Rodgers trade could bring them more picks. At the time, he had been in a firestorm because he was unvaccinated but previously told the media he was immunized after undergoing a treatment to heighten his immunity. What I put on film yesterday and what I want to put on film today.. Ty, five at the time, had a loose tooth. He did know ball, said McDaniel, who was on that 2008 Texans staff. The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. His response reflected rule No. But he also took the blame for the loss, saying he failed to tell Rodgers he wouldnt have a fourth down to try to convert. So, too, is the quarterback-coach relationship. Dan Pompei is a senior writer for The Athletic who has been telling NFL stories for close to four decades. Four years ago, LaFleur was hired to get Aaron Rodgers back to an elite level after a sharp decline in production. McDaniel explained that in 2009, the Texans let him go after he overslept for a handful of meetings. And in Houston the following year, LaFleurs first task was to draw the run plays for legendary offensive line coach Alex Gibbs. He will do something even if its worse for him. The 2023 NFL draft is a wrap, as the rich continue to get richer in Philadelphia. While the Packers rarely draft receivers in the first round, theyve had great success finding them in the second including Greg Jennings (2006), Jordy Nelson (2008), Randall Cobb (2011), Davante Adams (2014) and Watson (2022). The only issue was Rodgers was in the middle of a cleanse. Now, heres the hard part: On March 18, the Packers traded away All-Pro receiver Davante Adams for a first- and second-round pick. The year the Packers traded Brett Favre and made Rodgers the starter, they drafted two quarterbacks, selecting Louisvilles Brian Brohm in the second round and LSUs Matt Flynn in the seventh. When LaFleur worked for Dan Quinn on the Falcons in 2015 and 16, Quinn had three rules. Hes getting all this credibility for being a handsome, good-looking coach. The Rams won that game 35-30. Like I told him, the beauty of this game is winning is a hell of a lot of fun, but its about the relationships you make. Assuming the Packers stay at 15, this would be just their second top-15 overall pick in the past 14 drafts. The three rules are very easy to abide by, in our opinion. Be it right, wrong or indifferent, I look at it a little different from some people regarding the whole situation. Were going to have to add some bodies to that room, coach Matt LaFleur said last month at the NFLs owners meetings. "I don't think there's many things we're leaning on very well right now," LaFleur said after the loss to the Jets. Im walking around a vast, carpeted locker room in Lambeau Field in early August trying to find out why, and generally succeeding: Players are explaining in detail his widely praised management style and describing his football mind, which blends the concepts hes loved for years with those embraced by his quarterback into the best playbook in the NFL. And from being in a football family (both his father and grandfather were coaches), he learned not to care what anyone else saidabout him or his team. It is a web of inside jokes and roasts that hasnt ended despite their respective rises up the ranks. That can create conflict in a lot of situations, but not for them. And we're excited for him.". Theres almost a rom-com-y feel to how Rodgers and LaFleur talk about following each others careers long before they joined up. The football acumen he carries with him is pure Shanahan. Is he trying to get under my skin to rile me up? I tried to play a poker face as best I could, but internally, my heart might have skipped a beat or two. LaFleur said the jokes came from multiple guests at the wedding. LaFleur draws a line from those experiences to now, when he has to drown out noise on a weekly basis. LaFleur called off the practice. He believes it was evident in how the Packers played. Last years third-round pick was UCLA offensive lineman Sean Rhyan, who played one special teams snap and no offensive snaps as a rookie and was suspended the last six games of the season for violating the NFLs policy on performance-enhancers. Theirs has been the most scrutinized relationship in the NFL, and it has held up under the surgical lights. The story of this era of Packers football is about the merging of two of the most monumental forces in modern football: Rodgerss talent and the Shanahan-McVay playbook, whose variations have revolutionized a handful of teams, including both Super Bowl participants last year and three of the four conference finalists. I thought my dad had the coolest job in the world when he was DBs coach at Central Michigan.. LaFleur began considering one of his new assistants more than a year ago when he asked Rodgers about Tom Clements, who had been an assistant with the Packers for 11 years of Rodgers career before LaFleurs arrival. In multiple conversations over the two days after the end of the Packers season, LaFleur made sure Rodgers knew how much he was wanted. In LaFleur's first three seasons, they had 13, 11 and 13 turnovers. Who that will be, I dont know yet.. That is what is unfolding in Green Bay. When asked about defensive coordinator Joe Barry, LaFleur revealed that he didn't anticipate making any changes to the coaching staff for the 2023 season. He wanted to give Rodgers time and space. I Want To Believe: . People have to make the best decision for themselves. We didnt even talk about it, to tell you the truth, LaFleur says it being his quarterbacks future. And so the toxins in the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers began to pass. And why the Packers are 39-10 under LaFleur. I really like it now, Rodgers said. Some of the leaders didnt think it was in the teams best interests and told LaFleur a day off their feet would be more beneficial. I thought he would be great for everybody in that room, all our quarterbacks, LaFleur says. (Todd Rosenberg / Associated Press), Matt LaFleur willingly shields his players and assistant coaches from blame: As a leader, you have to own everything. (Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press), Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers chat at the NFL Honors show on Feb. 10. The argument LaFleur suffers from is that hes a beneficiary of Rodgerss talent. If that means staying in their own home, in their own bed, do that.. I have 100 percent trust with him. Rodgers talked him through it and wiggled the tooth for him. As a leader, you have to own everything, he explains. Despite all that was lost that day, more trust was won. LaFleur acknowledges his offense wont look the same without Adams, though the foundation will remain. The more of it LaFleur gets, the more of it he gives. Maybe (Lukas) Van Ness from Iowa winds up falling to 15. He was supportive from the start.. History suggests they wont add any in the first round of next weeks NFL draft. We just named a quarterback assistant, Connor Lewis. The group effort means personnel and schemes. They selected Michigan outside linebacker Rashan Gary with the No. That shit doesnt bother me, LaFleur said. I want them to be happy, I want them to enjoy being here. The most common answer is obvious. They have this really cool working relationship thats two competitors who can really find a common ground to get things done. The Packers must find a quarterback to back up Love. This was in the wake of Rodgers positive test for COVID-19. He replaced Mike Sherman, who departed for Texas A&M and took with him a Texans quality control coach, which created an opening on staff. Rodgers accuses LaFleur of having his wife, BreAnne, manicure those brows, which are dark, not too bushy and not too sparse. He guesses that if he called him 20 minutes before a Packers game and hes got a problem, LaFleur might skip the pregame speech. As much as anything, its why Rodgers will be a Packer in 2022. He was certain of that by the time he left campus that day in 2014. All in all, the Packers have retooled their roster to better fit Love's skill sets and it will only be a matter of time before that manifests into something big. He has such a calm, cool demeanor that I think anybody would gravitate towards him.. Hes so freaking good-looking, Rodgers said, in a dead serious tone. Matthew Patrick LaFleur ( / lflur / l-FLOO-r; [2] born November 3, 1979 [1]) is an American football coach who is the head coach for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). In LaFleurs second season, the Packers were trailing the Bucs 31-23 in the NFC Championship Game with 2:09 remaining when LaFleur called for a 26-yard field goal attempt on fourth down from the 8-yard line. He is a bottom-line guy. You wanted to be the guy that found the play no one else had seen, you wanted to be the guy who watched the most tape, you wanted to be the guy who understood coverages the best, McDaniel said. An NFL coach having three rules and only three rules is not ground-breaking. It is unprecedented turnover in this new era of loosened . ), I still feel like theres still the opportunity for the same amount of yards and touchdowns. But privately, he extended a hand. Teams are going to practice what theyve seen on tape, so take what theyve practiced and run the counter to it. McVay, LaFleurs former boss in Los Angeles, uses it too. We got to see that early on from Matty.. Things become second nature to a Shanahan assistant that arent second nature to other coaches, Mike LaFleur said. Most importantly, it takes these guys. The likelihood that free-agent safety Adrian Amos plays elsewhere this upcoming season means the Packers must restock the position. Lets have an open dialogue and conversation and get better. But even more drastic press conferences than that have taken place during his Packers tenure. Hes not confrontational, but hes not afraid of conflict, McDaniel said. 1 seed in their respective conferences this year, but both teams were defeated at home in the divisional round. Knowing that we both come to it just wanting to do whats best for the team and with love and respect for each other.. I am not trying to compete with anybody else in the league. The plan was dinner at Rodgers place just the two of them and Rodgers girlfriend, Shailene Woodley. Copyright IBTimes 2023. As we walk through the tunnels of Lambeau Field, he explains that, like everyone, he cares what people think of him, but he tries hard to only value the opinion of his family, coaches, and players. Whats so exciting about this league is when there is a situation like this, it seems to me guys will always step up and assume the role. From MACtion, I learned you better have a quarterback, he said. I didnt know, I didnt want to ask [Rodgers], I didnt want to push it and make it go the other way. Rodgers signed a new contract a few days later. That exchange of ideas, LaFleur said, is what hes after. And hes a guy I have a special place in my heart for. In the hands of Aaron Rodgers, it is apocalyptic for NFL defenses. In fact, the trend started well before the arrival of Rodgers, who is expected to get traded to the New York Jets before the start of the next season. That now-famous Washington staff included both Shanahans (Kyle as offensive coordinator), LaFleur (quarterbacks coach), McVay (tight ends coach) and McDaniel (offensive assistant turned wide receivers coach). But they worked on it. What are you just going to bang your head against the wall? IBT Fast Start - Let the best of International News come to you. Take for instance, LaFleurs first year. That would be a steal.. This part was all LaFleur, his personality, his upbringing and perspective. Green Bay hasnt selected a wide receiver in the first round since taking Javon Walker from Florida State with the 20th overall pick in 2002. Packers can shore up pivotal role in Matt LaFleur's offense with tight ends in 2023 NFL Draft. And theyre gonna make you throw the football? Aaron Jones and A.J. His name was Kyle Shanahan, and hed been promoted from quarterbacks coach under Gary Kubiak. I mean, he is so efficient at it, LaFleur said. Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst, president Mark Murphy and director of football operations Russ Ball also were involved in the discussions. His players paint him as sort of a Gregg Popovich or Steve Kerrtype personality manager, if either man had an unbelievable skin care regimen. Aaron audibles a lot. Initially, there was some negotiation about how much freedom Rodgers would be given to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. I liked to be coached. "I think it's been a cool process from the day we drafted him to see him now, just to see how he's matured in every facet of life. LaFleur would desperately try to get ahead on his dutieseveryone with him in those days agreed he was a perfectionistand then after hours and hours of work, Gibbs would ask him to change it. LaFleur reiterated his hope that he'd get to continue working with Rodgers this season while offering no news on the quarterback's status. But ahead of an all-important season, the fourth-year Packers coach knows he still has questions to answerand a big opportunity to do just that. Can we take some motion off to get some tempo practice? And he can say yes without being sensitive, Rodgers says. I think you guys probably notice it even when you're in the locker room," LaFleur said in a press conference this past Saturday, April 29. He is, entering his fourth year, the longest-tenured head coach in his division, no doubt a byproduct of his rivals inability to reliably beat him. McVays viewpoint on playoff mentality is simple: The best team doesnt always win. LaFleur started in the coaching ranks as an offensive assistant at his alma mater in 2003, moved to Central Michigan in 2004, and eventually became offensive coordinator at Ashland University in 2007, the first place he ever called plays. Tight end is an even greater need. The partnership between LaFleur and Rodgers now is 53 games old. I promise you [the other team is] colder than we are. I think Mike Tomlin has said this, and I thought it was a great way of articulating it, but there was almost a youthful arrogance and blissfulness that allowed us to, regardless of the results, put our heads down and work and be [feel] really fortunate to be in the roles we had, said McVay. Rodgers' move to the New York Jets had finally come through after weeks of negotiations with both franchises dealing away a significant amount of picks moving around and it only further solidified how much trust the organization has in him. He's going to be the guy in the huddle and he's got to be an extension of us. Despite social, political, and existential crises, the foundation of my Catholic identity held firm. That is the most satisfying part of the entire operation: When theres a [play] that hes kind of on the fence about, and then he starts to really, truly like it., I just have such a belief in him, LaFleur continues. Aaron Rodgers was a couple of thousand miles from Green Bay, and as far as the Packers knew, his mind might have been further. Glenn Erby. They are very simplistic rules, LaFleur says. Eberflus, 52, and LaFleur first faced off in 2017, when LaFleur ran the Rams' offense and Eberflus was the Cowboys' linebackers coach and passing-defense coordinator. But those undiscovered moments helped bring LaFleur and Rodgers together and keep them together through the coming turbulence. All rights reserved. Oops. Thats artwork to me., His success, said Bengals coach Zac Taylor, who was on the 2017 Rams staff with LaFleur, it is so hard to do in this league. While boarding the team plane to Minneapolis, he wore a shirt with LaFleurs likeness that read, OUR COACH IS HOTTER THAN YOURS., He frequently jokes about LaFleurs lush eyebrows. With all eyes on Jordan Love leading the franchise, head coach Matt LaFleur is backing his new QB1. "I've praised Mason up here a . Five coaches in the 2019 hiring cycle have already departed their teams. If I see any other quarterback do something, I say, We can do that. I just tell our staff, the only thing that limits us is our own imagination.. But the Packers never used a first-round pick on a wide receiver or tight end throughout four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers 18 seasons in Green Bay. Thats not, by nature, the system we started on, McDaniel said. LaFleur has already broken former 49ers coach George Seiferts record for most wins in his first three seasons with 39. A group of young receiversled by fourth-round pick Romeo Doubs or second-round pick Christian Watson, who has been banged upwill have opportunities to show something this year. In LaFleur's second season, the Packers were trailing the Bucs 31-23 in the NFC Championship Game with 2:09 remaining when LaFleur called for a 26-yard field goal attempt on fourth down from the . Josiah Deguara, who had 13 catches for 114 yards last season, is the top tight end under contract. Last year he lost to Mike Vrabel by 28 votes, and the prior two years he didnt even finish second. There was also 10-Yard Fight, an obscure video game LaFleur loved as a kid, Tecmo Bowl, and, according to his brother, a lot of EA Sports NCAA Football. So it's not like LaFleur had to have some sort of. He wasnt grilling T-bones. Players feed off their coaches. After the Packers lost to the 49ers 13-10 in the divisional playoff round, LaFleur didnt speak with coded words about how Rodgers failed to capture the big moments or hint at his dissatisfaction with a special teams unit that gave up a blocked punt, a blocked field goal and had 10 men on the field for the 49ers field goal that won the game. LaFleur was a former undersized midwestern quarterback and the son of a MAC coach. If you do not want us and our partners to use cookies and personal data for these additional purposes, click 'Reject all'. He had no problem running on two hours of sleep. So he was no. There is something to accepting responsibility, and I think there is a trickle-down effect. The three rules require trust because there is much left assumed with only three. He always says, Man, the NFL playoffs is the closest thing to March Madness, its going to be super competitive and theres always lessons you can take from your triumphs and defeatsprobably more so when you come up short.. GREEN BAY Matt LaFleur knew he bombed the interview. The play takes a lot of trust, and its virtually a blind throw, a favorite of nearly everyone in LaFleurs coaching circle. Green Bay Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy spoke with Larry McCarren at the NFL Annual Meetings in Phoenix. And then LaFleur backed off. Hes got the green light on the field, LaFleur said. LaFleurs approach was to lock arms with Rodgers, as much as Rodgers was willing, and he set out to blend the Shanahan system he had been a part of for eight of the previous nine years with the plays and concepts Rodgers favored. Matt is a big part of that puzzle of why to get up every morning, Lewis said. Mike Shanahan told me what was unusual about the group was not just how late they stayed, after arriving before 6 a.m. to work out, but also that they wanted to understand every single position. LaFleur was the Titans offensive coordinator by then, but Rodgers recalled how much he loved those concepts when LaFleurs staff first came in. Its going to be more of a group effort.. I wasted a lot of my life playing. I explain that I dont think it was a waste, as were sitting on a training table in the massive indoor practice facility of the team hes led to 39 wins in three years. This means, he said, one of the few things you can control is giving players as much confidence and as much clarity going into the game as possible. LaFleur has said he learned to cut his own hair during college. He mentioned Lazard getting more opportunities, a healthy Randall Cobb being a factor, and big years from tight ends who might step up, along with backs catching more balls. (As I talked to Campbell in a Lambeau hallway, LaFleur happened to walk by, and when he heard Campbell saying nice things about him, he stuck his fingers in his ears and gave a loud la-la-la to drown out the compliments.). The good news is that the offense is built for just that. I definitely spent my time on the sticks, he says. Matt LaFleur was in his debut season as Green Bay's coach when the Packers lost the NFC championship game to the San Francisco 49ers, whose staff featured Saleh as defensive coordinator and. LaFleur remembers sitting in Washington and seeing the natural throwing motion and athleticism of Rodgers and realizing that theres nothing he cant do. It was like he was running on a hamster wheel, McDaniel said. The spring transfer period in college football closed Sunday night with 43 scholarship players -- the equivalent of half a roster -- from Sanders' program having entered the portal since more than 40,000 fans showed up at Folsom Field in Boulder for Colorado's spring game on April 15. It was well-received, so LaFleur instituted a new policy that vets never have to stay at the team hotel on the night before home games. LaFleurs beginnings have been more successful than the beginnings of his Packers predecessor, who also inherited a Hall of Fame quarterback. ac valhalla that's noble what a waste then cheers, charlotte, nc natural disasters, florida statute of limitations bodily injury claim,
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