27/07/21. Region 2 (South) - March 23-26, 2023, Christiansburg, VA (hosted by Virginia Swimming) 2021-2022 Time Standards Spring Long Course - March 24-27, 2022, Buffalo, NY (hosted by STAR Swimming) 4 0 obj link += (ltr) Click here to view the current Regional Swimming Record holders. hn] mvvMg$?CQp0 inEC!7'qn]HuEsk@T;@ VERs6[?k'iKGa;O7$6/7?m~S}wh&+]L2uKO/!ye?zIKMp w4'pO5o*Tawol>@}O4t4|in.tClZW%T%p}@)8> &+bG This is one way to ensure that you are involved in the event in the Pool Hall area. %PDF-1.3 BRITISH SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS. 2 0 obj This could result in no Spectators being permitted within the Pool Hall area. if (key.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))==-1) { click here to go to the Swim-Meet sign up page. It enables users to select the location of the data to be checked and to decide the starting and finishing positions. This means that applications thatdo not adhere to the published guidelines will be identified and clubs asked to take remedial action before a license or a future license will be granted. Last reviewed 19 January 2021. D0>G0d$B|GQ0COLoC)G[X> +i|'%m4Nq=N4ZYIJP [^4UGzR;]' p4_Q"X,@IV8/hB9n[sj4ys[= h ?z^l- AYD3 +A'eni$&O# 0K6J &^^i\ZPcz e2eH Photographs on this website are reproduced by kind permission of Simon Wright of GB Swimstars. The Region will not be held responsible for any costs incurred if one, or both, of the Championships are postponed, cancelled or we have to reject swimmers to comply with capacity restrictions. All references to the ASA are because it was the correct title at the time of writing. For full information, please visit the Swim England South East website page. The league is swum over 3 galas which take place in October, November and December. We will be accepting times from meets Licensed at Levels 1 to 4. Eastern Zone Swimming. At every event we run we rely on the expertise of qualified, experienced volunteers able to provide the events that our competitors need to achieve their personal goals. We are very grateful for any offer of assistance. Swimmers in the squads are expected to enter these open galas regularly throughout the year. Boys 10-19yr Draft Qualifying and Extra Qualifying times. National Meets Time Standards. Disclosure of your information. %PDF-1.5 Competitors (or their representatives) who are not intending to swim must submit official withdrawal forms, either electronically, providing the information prescribed on the Withdrawal form up to midday on Friday 5. The swimmers ages range from 9 all the way through to Open. New - Senior Qualifying Times. Age is as at the end of the year. # n6~qC,+y.b/"h[K ?$>V Q=?D2Hl`vL8P#Uy58 |__?3l>c:KZZNkhomsz|FMZ |8T{*{`-g|a (RAadzvH]ai.?1 @p>}(pF5~;\\[pyt>|'`\Sn.nP>W7|W][V O(5 6B;j!-W }Ig6?H=X,!$~DL4ic fl:cP}n (rH(X-w\8gf 2==_O~( n8)YHKXWm`Oaw4Wi 6dt79QD=1WvAKPMna6 &6JbWhjF=K!R++A&h&]\`S_ jCo*F(OjGQ v:;5nEmf!`.n[K^k*T3hY;XRia9VNPWdScH%qt(P@z`m Y`!0e)?. The North East Regional Coaches forum met yesterday (28th Sept). If youd like to learn more about the cookies we set or how to manage what cookies your browser accepts, you can find out on our cookie information page. Field of Play volunteers may register your willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link. The region has established a licensing panel to scrutinise all license applications and post meet reports. Technical Officials must wear their licence on poolside, all others must apply for a photo ID at this link or re-use the pass issued for the SE Festival of Swimming. 2023 Swim England East Region Long Course Championships. Coaches are also encouraged to assist at the training camps and the Overseas Camp. The range to be selected is entirely the user's choice and is not a suggestion by any county/region/home country. Key documents. TA21 9JQ. / Scottish Swimming Privacy Policies. Terry had been President of Swim England South East Region since 2019, and was due to stand down at the Region . Results See all previous year's results HERE Competitive Swimming Find more information about meet licensing. Clubs have been notified through their Competition Secretary of those affected. The details of these procedures are now available at the link below. More Information. //--> Fina Rules Update Dec 2014, Swim England South East,c/o Freedom Leisure,The Paddock,1-6 Carriers Way,East Hoathly,East Sussex.BN8 6AG, Privacy notice forOfficialsand Volunteers, Copyright ASA South East Region website 2005-2018. {vm{\b{V/v~+vzVz?J\>HcVz dRQj1o Qualifying Times. Draft 2021 Regional Swimming Qualifying and Extra Qualifying times. Title: BC's QT's 2021 Author: JonesT (This link will be disabled on Friday, 5 November at 10am to allow for printing of passes. Qualifying Times 2023. Your new files can include swimmers who do not meet the consideration times. Schedules/Qualifying times and conditions are now available on the Regional Website. The on-line entries portal now has an additional meet into which you can enter your new entry file. Find more information about, GBs Fukuoka team includes South East swimmers, Kevin Brooks joins Swimming Leadership Group, Water Polo Junior Development Session 18 March, Harold Fern and A H Turner Awards Nominations. The Region organises, assists and helps fund the training of Officials. 222 Finley Golf Course Road. Entries will close on the 27th October 2021. x}]{,YvWUwgw|x ?b@2dFTnYE5`/$dOy{j?n?sso~mOcOp>y{lvn7a{8?Z/3t69t?+|.m/x37o>afC{K/GJ$ if (key.indexOf(coded.charAt(i))==-1) { If all criteria are met then you can then apply for that event. We use Google analytics to better understand how our users interact with the site. key = "f4pVKQrs1z6.gbmaTMcdoyhFZXnq-UGe3EWJ28N5ijRLABYvxHS9ukCP7DIt0lwO@" Click here to view the current Regional Championships Best Times 2019 - Short Course. We have updated our on-line meet entry form this year to allow individual entries to be made for Masters and Para Swimmers. To update your contact details, website visibility or data protection choices log on to the Swim England Membership System / If you believe times are wrong or missing from a meet then please contact the MEET PROMOTER with the details as they supply the data. This file has the previous qualifying times as upper limit times so that you can configure your team management system to exclude swimmers who previously qualified for the meet. link += (key.charAt(ltr)) Each swimmer can compete in a maximum of 4 individual events, with a maximum of 2 in their own age group. 2024 SZ SOUTH SECTIONAL DATES. N/A / 2009-2012 National Age Group Motivational Times. As well as arranging coaching courses as and when required, the Region supports the development of Coaches by running seminars, workshops and conferences. These involve specific aspects of stroke development, land training and talks. // Random encryption key feature by Andrew Moulden, Site Engineering Ltd igVzhEVuty{4i;)sqF(=,sfleJfb>3)N_VMK:-qj(5]5^7kV}rfRbU1;JD1xJnc^r^qf. Senior Performance 1 Senior Performance 2 Junior Performance 1 Junior Performance 2 Development Squad Advanced Teaching Gold Advanced Teaching Silver Advanced Teaching Bronze Land Training SSC Girls Times SSC Boys Times Middlesex County Website South East Region Website Swim England . If you wish to be included in the email notifications when applications open for future events and you are not already on the Mailchimp circulation list, please enrol byclicking on this link and select the Countyin which the Club you are a member of at the bottom of the page. LCM 2021 Junior Olympics Time Standards (.pdf) 2019-2020 Season. A poolside pass is required for access to the pool area. TM Results File MM Backup PDF of Results. Meet Announcement Meet Event File. Age is as at the end of the year. Short Course Qualifying Time Standard. // Random encryption key feature by Andrew Moulden, Site Engineering Ltd Age is as at end of the year. This meet will go ahead on 6 and 7 November using the COVID Procedures agreed with the facility operator. These championships are usually held in July or August. The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores. Changes to FINA Rules that were agreed at aSpecial Congress in Doha. ltr = coded.charAt(i) It is noted that the ASA is now Swim England. The minimum (lower limit) times will either be more generous or non-existent in order to be more inclusive. These changes havebeen implemented by British Swimming with effect from 1st January 2015. document.write("") stream x]S8N>&[`,wjh=l5{C %H7RjqdKB*~T?,>xX^a/B/"db7b/Oyn4mO]T}"MS/ sn%(b}]hGC7zFbI;uQc]@1R/tq.'wk{^OgSMCryt|[&Y?Yq{"f{M,>K!qs-}!Ex2@r( H7;so[vu0 The next page lists all events across the country where pass applications are possible. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> The Age Group Entry System is here:- https://www.swimmingresults.org/events/sener21scag/bulkindex.php, All entries must be submitted by Clubs, not individuals, Stay Safe The entries in this table have been rejected based on time by age group to fill the meet. You can also delete an existing entry file and upload a new one if you have made changes before 20 October (the closing date). They take place over a series of five sessions scheduled throughout the year. *Times must have been achieved (long course) since 1st March 2019 and appear in the British Swimming Rankings in accordance with the Event Conditions 2021 British Championships Qualifying Times 00:30.54 00:26.02 00:27.90 00:34.33 00:28.93 00:30.87. FleetGU51 5EE, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April @ Winchester Leisure Centre, Friday (eve) 28th through to Monday 1st May @ High Wycombe, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May @ Winchester Leisure Centre, SWIM ENGLAND NATIONAL WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m), SOUTH EAST REGIONAL MASTERS SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS, SWIM ENGLAND MASTERS NATIONAL SHORT COURSE CHAMPS 2022, SOUTH EAST REGION MASTERS INTER-COUNTY EVENT, SWIM WALES MASTERS NATIONAL SHORT COURSE CHAMPS 2022, MASTERS SOUTH EAST REGIONAL LONG COURSE CHAMPS, SCOTTISH MASTERS NATIONAL SHORT COURSE CHAMPS. It enables users to select the location of the data to be checked and to decide the starting and finishing positions. // A wizard to generate this code is at http://www.jottings.com/obfuscator/ Team Managers must have attended a Team Manager 1 course. N/A / Annual Report - The Report for 2020-2021 Berks & South Bucks ASA Annual Report is available to view. endobj The goal of the Swimming Committee is to develop talent and to provide opportunity for swimmers, whatever their ability or age, to achieve their potential. .rS `|kp5Hrs ^ J2LfK>~F405n`o~")Sw{{!;]]wP77G!USgr+)37#
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