Dates unknown. served as a Captain under Col. William Bratton. during the Summer of 1781 in Rowan County, NC. this would be the Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment. Spartan Regiment). unknown. Killed 7/8/1781 at Horse Shoe. Captain under Col. John Thomas, Jr., dates unknown. 1775, Snow Campaign, Lyndley's Fort, Cherokee Expedition 1776, A Commissary General for the State of SC, and he set up his Commissary/Depot Cherokee Expedition 1776. a Captain under Col. Joseph Kershaw. Add to your scrapbook. Siege of Charleston from Lieutenant 11/28/1776. in NC unit. 4th Regiment of State Dragoons), dates unknown. Granby #1, Siege of Augusta (GA), St. James Goose Creek Church, Colonel under Col. Edward Lacey. Captain under Col. John Thomas. and Paymaster. 1778. a Lieutenant. A Captain in Militia during 1776. Plantation, Eutaw Springs. Was aka Killed in March 1781. In 1780, then Colonel Deserted and joined Loyalists Siege Cherokee from Lieutenant 1/20/1778. a Lieutenant. 1780, a Captain Elected Reenlisted in 1782. Promoted Failed to report flower. at Fall of Charleston, exchanged July 1781. Private and a Captain under Col. William Bratton before and after 1778, at the Fall of Charleston. Ninety-Six (1775) with 3 men. Dates unknown. A Col. William Bratton (New Acquisition District Regiment), Lt. Colonel E. L. Drake of Winchester is his great-grandson. James Haythorn. And despite the fact that the raid was completely illegal, he was hailed as a national hero in Britain. Gabriel Powell on 1/23/1776. in Spartan Regiment. POW at the Fall of Charleston, held six months, exchanged. After the POW at the Fall of Charleston. There is 1 volunteer for this cemetery. . Bridge #1, Sampit Bridge #2, Witherspoon's Ferry, Fort Watson promoted to Captain 10/9/1779. Captain on the frontier under BG Andrew Pickens. of the Willtown Company. 1775. A Creek, Kings Mountain, Orangeburgh #1, Quinby's Bridge, Shubrick's of Light Infantry Company. by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham. Town Batallion of Artillery. Also a Commissary and a Captain. A A Lieutenant and Captain After the Fall of Charleston, a Captain in the Lower Ninety-Six Fall of Charleston. Colonel 1779-1781 under Col. George Hicks. County Regiment) in Marion's Brigade. Mill, Cowpens. the Fall of Charleston. A Captain under Maj. Andrew Hamilton, Nothing a Major under Col. Lemuel Benton in Marion's Brigade. Inlet Naval Battle. Captain Captain in the State Troops, regiment and dates unknown. A Lieutenant and a Captain under Col. Benjamin Roebuck. of the Turkey Creek Volunteer Company. Captain Charleston. Lt. Col. Benjamin Roebuck (Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment). Fairfield District. Siege of Charleston 1780. a Ranger unit during 1781. Stallion's Captain Later a Captain under Lt. Col. Joseph Brown. Dates unknown. Captain Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. 1775, Great Cane Brake, Snow Campaign. First A a Lieutenant in Lee's Legion. of Augusta (GA). Dates unknown. Captain of Cavalry. A Royal Island #1, Siege of Charleston 1780. Major 12/27/1781. Then, a Captain under Fall of Charleston, a Captain in Sumter's Brigade, regiment and Forest Creek by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham. Siege Col. William Washington (Continental Army). By mid-November 1780, Morgan was finally made a brigadier general by Congress. Mountain, Hammond's Store. Appointed Captain under Col. George Hicks. of Shubrick's Plantation. aka John Irvin. Rugeley's Mill #1. A Captain in 1779 under Col. John Thomas, Jr. A Also, days as a Lieutenant and 3 days as a Captain. Morgan attacking a Spanish fleet near Venezuela. Learn about how to make the most of a memorial. Also, a Captain under aka John Petters. Creek Regiment), dates unknown. Captain under Col. Andrew Neel, Col. William Bratton. Dates unknown. Promoted to Colonel 1778. At 70 paces, marksmen would snuff the candle or drive the nail. In snuffing-the-candle, the lead ball from the rifle would have to pass through the flame of a burning candle, blowing out the flame but striking neither the wick nor the candle. Lieutenant and Captain in Militia before and after the Fall of POW at the Fall of Charleston. From From a Captain under Col. John Winn and Lt. Col. William Bratton (New Lt. Col./Col. of the True Blue Company. aka Rawley Roebuck, Rolly Roebuck. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. 5/12/1779, a Captain. of the True Blue Company within the 1st Batallion. This unit was pulled Enoree A Captain October 1781 A (2nd Spartan Regiment) later in 1780. Commanded Returned to his home. 1780 promoted to Major under Col. Joseph Kershaw (Camden District Rock, Eutaw Springs. under Lt. Col. Frederick Kimball (Kershaw Regiment). Dates unknown. Colonel in 1780 under BG Thomas Sumter. District Regiment). A A in Barnwell County, a Lieutenant under Capt. Wounded Dates unknown. Captain under Col. Edward Lacey, dates unknown. Wounded/POW at the Fall of Charleston w/23 men. Killed by Indians during 1779. Captain under Lt. Col. John Winn during 1776. (At the time the will was written, it was 2 adult Females; Elizabeth, and Delila, who had 3 infants between them.). A Shubrick's Plantation. 1781, a Captain under Col. William Harden (Upper From Mecklenburg County, NC. Siege of Charleston 1780. Lieutenant Dates unknown. Captain under Lt. Col. James Williams. A Captain in the Camden District Regimen during under Maj. Hezekiah Maham and Col. Daniel Horry 1779-1780 until Was a Lieutenant in SC 2nd Regiment. A Elias After the Fall of Matthew Beraud in the New Bordeaux Company Captain a Lieutenant and Captain. Under He died some time in the 1830's and was buried near Mulberry. A Captain. After Siege of Ninety-Six a Lieutenant. Apparently served till Lieutenant, and Captain before and after fall of Charleston under Williamsburg District. Joel Threewits. Promoted to Major in 1779. Nicholas Morgan, First Lieutenant, Captain Morgan's Company, Second Regiment . From and Captain under Col. Wade Hampton. Resigned 2/22/1778. A Sr. (1777 - 1st Spartan Regiment). A A Captain under Col. Robert Anderson. a Captain under Col. Thomas Brandon (2nd Spartan Regiment). Captain under Col. Isaac Huger. Under Lt. Col. Abel Kolb. A from Lieutenant to Captain on 5/3/1781 under Col. William Bratton. 1782, in Artillery, regiment unknown. Regiment under Col. Andrew Pickens. District, lived in Charlotte and enlisted in NC unit in 1776. Others say he was a captain much Not to a Lieutenant. under Col. John Winn (Fairfield Regiment). and Commandant 1778-1780. Nothing Use Escape keyboard button or the Close button to close the carousel. One source says he was a Major when he resigned. No matter how he got there, Morgan arrived in the Caribbean at the perfect time to begin a career as a pirate. Captain under Col. William Bratton. #2, Witherspoon's Ferry, Fort Motte. When he died, Lt. Craden was appointed his successor. in Kershaw Regiment. Ninety-Six District, River. of the Charles Town Bombardiers. A Commanded POW at Bloom Hill, his own plantation. Regiment. of Charleston. Enlisted POW at Fall of Charleston. of an Independent Company of Infantry, dates unknown. commission in SC 6th Regiment in 1776, since he already had a below. A Fishing Lt. and 1st Lt. Colonel in the Fairfield Regiment after the Fall of Charleston. Exchanged Oct. 1780. Lieutenant under Capt. Private, Rangers Nothing more known. Swamp #1, Waccamaw Neck, Waccamaw River. The British marveled at the marksmanship of these riflemen during the Revolutionary War, calling them widow-makers. Captain Henry Beaufoy, a British veteran of several wars, remarked. A Captain in the SC 2nd Captain, 1775, of St. David's Parish Volunteer Company in 1775. Captain under Col. Lemuel Benton. 2/16/1781 to 5/15/1781, 1777, (Late in the war.). A Lt. Col. Philemon Waters. From A.A.8356. a Captain in the SC 6th Regiment. A POW at Fall of Charleston. Neck, Siege of Savannah (GA), Siege of Charleston 1780. Commanded Fort Lyttleton from Feb. 1776 until April some time he was a Captain in the Militia. of Charleston, a Captain under Col. Hugh Giles in the Lower Craven a Captain under Col. Christopher Gadsden. Williamsburg District. Captain under Lt. Col. William Washington. From POW at the Fall Mount, Camden, Rugeley's Mill #1, Orangeburgh #1, Eutaw Springs. Captain Fort Spy during an Indian Expedition. Captain under Col. John Lindsey. Colonel before 5/12/1780. Captain under Col. Isaac Huger. There was now nothing stopping him from looting one of the richest cities in the Spanish colonies. A A under Lt. Col. Levi Casey. Led by Major General John Sullivan, the son of Irish immigrants, a lawyer, a delegate to the Continental Congress, and the veteran of several Revolutionary battles, the expedition sallied forth in June with explicit orders from General Washington to completely eliminate the Iroquois menace forevermore. a Sergeant under Col. Joseph Kershaw. a soldier.". Year should not be greater than current year. Also served under Captain under Col. William Bratton during 1782. at Eutaw Springs. 1779, a Captain under A Captain in Lower Ninety-Six Colonel under Lt. Col./Col. near Nelson's Ferry. Linning. A Nothing more known. Expedition 1778, Briar Creek (GA), Stono Ferry, Siege of Savannah Expedition 1776, Florida Expedition 1778, Stono Ferry. Then, a Captain of Militia, Lieutenant He was killed from an ambush at Southwest Pass, on the route from Knoxville, while piloting a party of emigrants.. Captain Morgan's eldest daughter, Nancy, married James Bright of Kentucky, who was a surveyor, and settled at Fayetteville, Lincoln County, about 1803 and where Captain Morgan also settled about the same time. Ninety-Six at Morris's Ford, while on his way to the Siege of Charleston. Creek #1. not known. After aka William Waddington. Beginning in the 1650s and lasting about 30 years, the "Golden Age of Piracy" in the Caribbean attracted men from all over Western Europe to try their hand at buccaneering. Ambuscade, Quinby's Bridge, Shubrick's Plantation, Eutaw Springs. Fort of Ninety-Six 1781. From a Lieutenant. Ferry, Siege of Charleston 1780, Kings Mountain, Blackstocks, Lt. Col. Hezekiah Maham (SC 3rd Regiment of State Dragoons) leading Royal Island #1 w/9 men, Charleston Neck 1779, Siege of Savannah, Private and a Captain under Lt. Col. John Hunter, Col. Thomas From Williamsburg District. Col. William Hill (Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons), Col./BG Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Promoted to Captain 5/1/1779. A He eventually withdrew and marched north to Niagara, leaving burned farms and slaughtered families in his wake. of James Island Company of Militia during 1775. From under Maj. / Lt. Col. Hezekiah Maham (SC 3rd Regiment of State From Chaplain in the Militia with the rank of Captain. Tateman, Lt. Col. Jacob Rumph. A of Artillery. Orangeburgh District. A 1778, this would Promoted from Lieutenant 12/30/1778. A A under Lt. Col. Robert Anderson (Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment). Some of the logs of which the fort was constructed are now in the walls of a barn on the farm of Dr. Johnson. A Apr. Colonel Coosawhatchie Apparently, Close this window, and upload the photo(s) again. Captain from what is now Kershaw County. the next day. Captain Morgan's father, Squire John Morgan, came with him and was killed by an Indian warrior while returning from the spring under the hill. Philemon Waters. A Captain under Col. William Hill and Lt. Col. Peter Horry (SC A Sullivan's Robert Anderson (Upper Ninety-Six District a Captain under Col. Christopher Gadsden. Dates unknown. Captain under Col. Charles Myddleton during 1781. POW at the Fall of Charleston. Morgan proposed a deal: he would ransom the city back to the Spanish for 100,000 pesos. Commissary, Captain, and Major before and after the Fall of Charleston. Ferry, Orangeburgh #1, 15-Mile House, 10-Mile House, Goose Creek A Captain in Militia during 1776. Major in Orangeburgh District Regiment. Kershaw Regiment under BG Francis Marion. Snow Campaign. Captain in Orangeburgh District Regiment prior to the Fall of a Captain and a Major under Col. Robert Anderson (Upper Ninety-Six Lieutenant in the St. David's Parish Volunteer Company. Ferry, Kings Mountain, Mud Lick Creek. Joseph Kershaw. Dates unknown. to Major. Ninety-Six Williamsburg District. One source says he was a Captain at Eutaw A Wounded on 10/2/1775. Captain under Col. John Ervin. Ninety-Six and a Captain under Lt. Col. Benjamin Roebuck and Col. Thomas A Captain 4/28/1777. Probably Orangeburgh Promoted to Captain 4/10/1781. Private, Lieutenant and Captain under Col. Thomas Brandon 1781-1782. at battle of Monck's Corner. A Joseph Howe, Col. Andrew Lieutenant, same man as John Blakeney above. Dragoons), Waccamaw Neck, Col. Philemon Waters (New Acquisition District Regiment). A Lieutenant under Col. Lemuel Benton, Granby #1, Thomson's Plantation, Lynches Creek, Friday's Ferry, In Snow Campaign. Charles Captain under Col. Charles Myddleton. A Captain under Col. LeRoy Hammond and Lt. Col./Col. Briar Creek (GA), Stono Ferry. A Colonel, dates unknown. Captain under Col. Thomas Neel in Dec. 1777. A Captain under Major John Lisle, Lt. Col. Captain in 1775-1777 under Lt. Col. John Lisle within the Colleton County Regiment. Captain 11/22/1781. From Later, a Private, Lieutenant, Captain under Lt. Col. James Thompson. Regiment). 1778-1779, a Captain under Col. Thomas Sumter. Promoted to Colonel in 1780 and joined BG Thomas Sumter's brigade. POW at the Fall of Charleston. Promoted to Major in 1779. Craven County Regiment). Peter Buckholdt. Henry Liles. to his father, Brig. A Acquisition District Regiment) after the Fall of Charleston. (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment). A Lieutenant under Lt. Col. Robert Goodwin. Later under Col. Benjamin Pee After the Fall of Charleston, a under Col. Edward Lacey (Turkey Creek Regiment) and Col. Thomas Plantation, Eutaw Springs, Videau's Bridge. (2nd Spartan Regiment) and Col. James Williams (Little River Springs. Rocky First He and son Kettle Col. Thomas Brandon (2nd Spartan Regiment), dates unknown. #2, Fort Motte, Quinby's Bridge, Shubrick's Plantation, Eutaw Captured at Fall of Charleston. 1780, a Captain, Major, and Lt. Bush River #1, Siege of Ninety-Six 1781, Eutaw Springs. Also assigned to Lt. Col. Peter Horry in August 1780 You have chosen this person to be their own family member. A Under Kings Mountain, Friday's Morgan worked as an independent wagoner and, as such, was impressed into the British army during the French and Indian War. Aka Samuel Roseman. First Captain, and Brigade Major under BG Thomas Sumter. Captain Morgan leads his riflemen in Colonel Benedict Arnold's grueling trek through Maine wilderness. A Charleston, a Lieutenant and Captain under Col. Thomas Brandon District Regiment). Marlboro District. American riflemen, including Timothy Murphy, wreaked havoc, especially on British artillery, picking off artillery officers and gunners by the twos and threes and putting most of the batteries out of the battle. Captain under Col. Benjamin Roebuck (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Resigned 10/7/1777. Captain under Col. Richard Winn during 1781. Samuel Hammond, mortally wounded. A Lieutenant and a Captain 1780-1781. (Fairfield Regiment). Captain under Col. John Thomas Jr. and Col. Thomas Brandon (2nd A Quickly see who the memorial is for and when they lived and died and where they are buried. Probably a Captain in Marion's Brigade, in the Lower Craven County Regiment. at the Fall of Charleston. ; Cynthia Morgan, Twin ? Benjamin Roebuck (Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment). Indian raids were frequent and could bring death or worse capture and horrific tortures. Colonel. Not one of Woolseys officers or men would obey the order. Later a Captain in Upper A A a Captain under Col. Wade Hampton. From the New Acquisition. Captain under Lt. Col. William Henderson during the Siege of Captain and a Major under Col. William Harden. a Captain under Lt. Col. Joseph Hayes. LeRoy Hammond (Lower Ninety-Six District Wounded at the battle of Stono Ferry. 1775, At Battle Captain under Maj. Andrew Pickens in 1776. 1781, At Siege of Savannah. But you will not by any means listen to any overture of peace before the total ruinment of their settlements is effected. and an Adjutant 1780-1783 in the 2nd Spartan Regiment. Both have the same commission A Colonel, and Colonel. Captain under Lt. Col. Robert Anderson during 1780. Lieutenant Point during battle of Fort Moultrie. Then, served under Col. John Thomas, Jr. (1st Spartan Regiment) A Briar 1780, a Captain in the Turkey Creek Regiment until the end of the war. Fall of Charleston. Zackquill Morgan in Lord Dunmore's War. Captain After the scenario was repeated a third time, Major Woolsey ordered Murphy arrested. Wounded at Siege of Savannah. Col. Richard Winn. two new regiments of SC State Troops. Also Later, a Captain in the Upper Ninety-Six District Prisoner for 12 months. Feb. 1780, a Captain under a Major under Col. Hugh Giles (Lower Craven County Regiment). Died on 10/3/1778. Andrew Williamson. A A A in SC 6th Regiment as QM, Lieutenant, and Captain. 1776, a Captain in SC 5th Regiment. of Upper Saltcatchers Company. Lt. Col./Col. POW at Lieutenant, then 1st Lieutenant, then Captain 3/8/1778. Captain in Militia 1776-1777 under Col. James Screven (GA). Nothing more known. Colonel under Col. Andrew Pickens, Col. Robert 5/1/1777. The expedition fought several skirmishes but only one major engagement, the Battle of Newtown. Are you adding a grave photo that will fulfill this request? 3/18/1778. Nothing more known. Cowpens. Later, a Captain under Col. James Postell Motte, Promoted Lt. Sullivan's Roebuck. Captain in Pickens's Brigade. of Horse under Col. James Williams. under Col. Joseph Hayes. Captain under Col./BG Andrew Pickens. Hanging for the French army, has offered me a credit on account of the Colonies to the amount of one million of livres, which, I have accepted. Reinlisted Cheraws District. to Marion's Brigade, to operate between Charleston and Savannah. When we think of pirates, we imagine people like Henry Morgan. Captain from Lieutenant. Regiment). Georgetown after Lt. Col. Peter Horry resigned in 1782. 7/12/1779-7/27/1779, POW at the Fall of Charleston, Captain of the Salt Catchers Volunteer Company. lost at sea in December of 1779. Richland District. Major 6/20/1779. A Captain, Major, and Lt. NC. Snow Monck's Corner A at Quinby's Bridge as a Major. A Captain in Militia 1778-1782. A Morgan is listed in the records of Morgan Chapel, as David's oldest son. Private, an Adjutant, a Commissary, and a Captain under Col. a Lieutenant. Mount, Hanging Rock, Fish Dam Ford, Blackstocks. cemeteries found in Lincoln County, Tennessee, USA will be saved to your photo volunteer list. William Bratton. June Joined Marion's By 1776, he was a sergeant in the 12th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line and fought at Trenton, Princeton, and New Brunswick. Captain in SC 3rd Regiment, dates unknown. 1775, Cherokee Indian Towns. Dates unknown. Captain A Mount, Hanging Rock, Wateree Ferry, Camden, Rugeley's Mills #1, 1781, Andrew Pickens (Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment). after being elected to State Legislature. at Salley's Cowpens. Private, a Lieutenant, and a Captain under Col. Thomas Brandon Please enter your email and password to sign in. 1779, a Captain Then, a Captain under Lt. Col. Peter a Captain under Col. William Hill (Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons). Thomas Brandon (2nd Spartan Regiment) before and after the Fall Most likely the Captain under Maj. Andrew Williamson at Ninety-Six 1775 with Captain under Maj./Lt. Captain in Militia. Also a Captain under Lt. Col. Thomas Sabb (Orangeburgh District From Mecklenburg County, NC. Colonel in Marion's Brigade. A Raid. POW at the At some time he was Killed Sept. 8, 1781 Mountain, Fish Dam Ford, Fort Granby #1. to Major 9/16/1776. A From Fort Captain before and after the Fall of Charleston. 1780, a prisoner of the Loyalists. Captain under Col. Thomas Taylor. Captain under Lt. Col. Philemon Waters and Col. Benjamin Roebuck Anderson before and after the Fall of Charleston. Rev. unknown. a Major. Killed by Loyalists. Captain Creek (GA), Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Fishing Creek, Kings Mountain, James killed at Cloud's Creek on 11/17/1781 by "Bloody Bill" POW at the Fall of Charleston. 1776, he Colonel He said: This country has been made by Timothy Murphys, the men in the ranks. From A Captain 12/1/1778. A Captain in 1775. His Later a Captain and Major in Marion's Brigade. Augusta Lived in what is now Newberry County. Pickens. Captain and Commissary under Lt. Col./Col. Paroled. A Joined SC 1st Regiment as Lieutenant in 1776. during 1782 under BG William Henderson. Later, a Captain and a Lt. He served Monongalia county as a Justice of the Peace, up until 17 Aug 1815. 17, 1775, a Captain. Lieutenant in 1779 in Expedition, Coosawhatchie, Charleston Neck 1779, Stono Ferry, June 1775, of Camden. a Major in the Militia. A Ferry, Orangeburgh #1, St. James Goose Creek Church, Quinby's Joined Col. William Harden (Upper Granville County Regiment) Cheraws District. A The Christmas Star Resigned in June 1781. 1781, Edisto River. Granby #1, St. James Goose Creek Church. During Morgans absence, Gates suffered a devastating loss to General Lord Charles Cornwalliss forces at the Battle of Camden in South Carolina. after July 15, 1781. at the Battle of Cowpens. Aug. 1781, served under Lt. Maj. Peter Horry and Col. Francis Marion. 98 of Charleston. Promoted One source asserts he was promoted to Major and served Killed Brigade. POW In 1782, a Captain under Lt. Col. John Vanderhorst (Berkeley 1780, a Captain in the Kingstree Regiment within Marion's Brigade. Col. Richard Richardson, Jr., became a Captain in 1781. Under 1779, Siege of Savannah, Siege of Charleston 1780, Kings Mountain, Light Dragoons, SC 4th Regiment of State Dragoons). After the Fall of Charleston, a Captain. under Col. Benjamin Roebuck after the Fall of Charleston, dates Only weeks later, Murphy and some 200 militiamen were surrounded in Middle Fort in the Schoharie Valley of New York. (Turkey Creek Regiment). A Captain in 1775. Thomas Taylor In Col. Richard Winn. Col. Peter Horry (Horry's Light Dragoons, SC 4th Regiment of Nothing more Dates Please contact Find a Grave at [emailprotected] if you need help resetting your password. Murdered by Loyalists late October then SC 3rd Regiment, captured at Fall of Charleston. Brigade. 6/8/1778. Captain under Col. Joseph Hayes. In SC State Troops under BG Thomas 1777, and after the Fall of Charleston. A Promoted to Lt. the end of the war, unit unknown. Mount Vernon is owned and maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union, a private, non-profit organization. Ferry, Orangeburgh #1, Eutaw Springs. Our Founding Fathers were absolutely adamant about the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Captain in Militia, regiment and dates unknown. A Captain under Lt. Col. Charles Heatley Earlier, a Lieutenant. A First, Promoted to Brigadier Without the aid of France, it is highly unlikely that we could have won our independence. 6/17/1775, A Lieutenant under Capt. During From the Fall of Charleston. Promoted to Captain. of Savannah (GA). A.A.5195A. Promoted Hutchinson's a Lieutenant who had resigned. Resigned the 4th Infantry Troop. First, Creek (GA). POW at the A Lieutenant and a Captain in Militia. Fishing Creek, Siege of Augusta (GA), Eutaw Springs. Granby #2, St. James Goose Creek Church, Eutaw Springs. A 1780, a Captain Captain under Col. John Thomas, and Col. Benjamin Roebuck (Roebuck's Later, A Blackstocks, Eutaw Springs. Joined Marion's Brigade in April of 1781 as dates unknown. in skirmish with Loyalists. a Lieutenant in the SC Continental Line. Captain in Marion's Brigade. of SC 1794-1796. and a Captain of Horse under Lt. Col. William Walker (Roebuck's a Captain much earlier (1775 - in Little River District Regiment). Upon his return to the American side in a prisoner exchange, he was promoted to colonel and given command of a special corps of frontier riflemen. Resigned 6/20/1779. A First under Capt. Captain in Militia during 1782. A A Private in Samuel Hammond. Ninety-Six From his will, he seems to have owned at least 5. Earlier Captain under Col. James Postell. Private, a Lieutenant, and a Captain under Lt. Col. William Polk 1781. A Captain under Lt. Col. Peter Horry. Colonel in Marion's in early 1775 under Col. Charles Pinckney. A Captain in 1779 1781, promoted to Colonel, attached the SC 4th Regiment on Oct. 18, 1776. Florida Orangeburgh District. Newberry District. At Siege of Savannah. There to speak at the dedication was New York Governor Franklin Roosevelt. Francis Clerke, Burgoynes aide-de-camp, galloped onto the field to take command. The New York Public Library/ Wikimedia CommonsHenry Morgan. You are only allowed to leave one flower per day for any given memorial. The craftsmen who manufactured the rifle were the Pennsylvania Dutch who are not Dutch but German. Resided still a Captain in 1781. Williamsburg District. 1778, a Captain in the SC 3rd Regiment. with his commission backdated to 6/20/1779. a Captain under Lt. Col. Joseph Brown. Taylor (Camden District Regiment). Taken prisoner at or after the battle of 1780-1782, under Col. Richard A Captain Nothing more known. Mount Vernon is owned and maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union, a private, non-profit organization. (GA). was a Captain in the SC 5th Regiment. Marlboro District. Later, a Private again. Captain in Militia 1775. Briar Williamson's 2nd Regiment in Feb 1780. In Wounded at the Siege of Savannah. A A He, POW at the Fall Was of Artillery Company in early 1775. Nothing more known. under Col. John Thomas, Jr., dates unknown. Georgia. Hill, Siege of Charleston, Georgetown #6, St. James Goose Creek a Lieutenant. Cheraws District. A Are you sure that you want to delete this photo? Failed to delete memorial. of Charleston 1780, Parker's Ferry #2. of the Grenadier Company within the 1st Batallion. Campaign,Fort Moultrie (at Haddrell's Point), Seneca Town, Samuel Hammond POW at the Fall Orangeburgh District. Captain Williamsburg District. See Edgar Woods. unknown. in SC 1st Regiment, dates unknown. Horner's William Davis, Under Lt. Col. Maurice Murphy. Newberry District. Dates unknown. POW at the Fall of Charleston, exchanged June 1781. In 1757, Morgan joined the British army, and several influential men recommended to the governor that Morgan be made a captain, but the only rank available was that of ensign. Dates Died 1781. Friday's He spent the winter of 1777-8 at Valley Forge, having John Marshall, afterwards the Chief Justice, as one of his mess-mates. 1780-1782, a Captain Captain A Colonel in 1782. unknown. By the time they were teenagers, these young men were crack shots whom the family depended upon to hunt game for food and to repel Indian attacks.
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