These guys are truly growing the game. This has been the best entertainment. "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased via To get 50% off and free shipping on your first box use code sweetspot50 or visit this link: The series documents the offseason pursuits of the co-hosts and their attempts to improve over the winter golf season. Newsletter. The funny moments make the show. In Season 4, they should both play in at least one local tournament. Listen to 125 episodes of Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. If you love fun, this podcast is your savior. Track your ranks and reviews from Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. But Eli have you tried the McDonalds spicy chicken McGriddle? . Carl is the muse who inspires greatness in our two heroes. Im an 11 handicap, in my 30s, with kids and can completely relate to everything they talk about. MUSIC CREDITS: Perfectly legal coach. Social Media Links Twitter|Facebook|Instagram. report. Nice work gentlemen; LGLG!!! all the kudos. "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased via . Visit #LGLG #KuddosToYouCraigers Reply MuscleFlex_Bear 7.2/ Dallas, TX /B XS Additional comment actions . ! Probably not as close as it looks on that map. Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. Doesnt mean he averages 300, but its in the tank when everything lines up. I was playing some of my best golf before getting injured this year. Yeah, they released it in like April or may, so I was stressed! For those just discovering these gentlemen, you will fall in love with their struggle to find time to practice, play, and improve. 5/5 By Mbayne76. If you hate fun, delete your podcast app and cast your phone into the sea. Want more of the Hosel Jockeys Pod? Kudos to Mike and Eli for an amazing podcast, and Kudos to Craigers!! Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased via, "Tides of Time" purchased via, "The Big Showdown" purchased via Posted by 1 day ago. Mike Greenberg brings his unmatched depth of sports knowledge, fun and entertainment back to ESPN Radio on a daily basis. episodes by subscribing to The Single Bogey Like how to integrate golf balls! Its a pleasure to listen to a podcast with consistent high quality. Kudos to Titleist & FootJoy Ive been a loyal listener from the beginning and no season disappoints. Craigers episode # Hey all, random question.. which episode was Craigers introduced?? Its a nice relief to the journey that they are on, and compliments the quest of them getting down to scratch well The humor and friendship in the face of failure is what makes the whole thing work Hopefully, if they find success, it will continue to make the podcast work. You can stay up to date on news, exclusives, and upcoming episodes by subscribing to The Single Bogey Newsletter. "C Major Prelude" is by Bach They are honest about their failures and their disappointments, but keep grinding on the golf course and on the podcast. @chasingscratch0 Carl, do you know a man by the name of Ramesses (the Great) who has a mate called Craig (goes by the name Craigers)? Now Im just hoping I can get healthy enough to prepare for next season. Mike is the more level-headed of the two hosts. from The Hosel Jockeys Golf Podcast Subscribe for our weekly episode, the Golf Weekly archive, plus bonus episodes around the majors! Excited to see some swings though, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. 6 comments. Also referred to as the silver fox, Eli peppers the driver. Atta boy Eli!! Listening every time i get in the car. Support the Similar to Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast. Im fully invested. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. love the entertainment and humor but also love the serious golf stuff too! They already have a note on the Patreon page saying they are taking a break and will not charge for Jan. LOL. Yet, in season 3, Eli had stopped exercising and destroyed his path (he got way inside, and was positive on his angle of attack). Should golfers stick with a swing that feels more natural to them or try to change to another version of that swing? Two mutual friends, Collier and Jason, appear in this episode, and both unanimously decide there is no hope of achieving the goals set before Mike and Eli. Lets go lets go. For the first time, listeners of the podcast laid eyes on Mike and Eli and their respective golf swings. He once questioned a young woman about an assault with a sandal in a college lecture hall, which began a friendship with his co-host, Eli. Because Eli is so long, its pretty much overlooked that Mike is also not a short driver of the ball. Dueling scorecards, dramatic scorecards, deep introspection and the story of Swerve Week. Shawn lie etc. It arrived today and is hilariously awesome. My goal is to have a weekly discussion thread on the podcast Hay maker jokes aside, I'd love this to resemble a compliment sandwich (Something I learned from Chasing Scratch) We will see how it goes, but my hope is that any negative feedback is followed with at least some optimism. You can stay up to date on news, exclusives, and upcoming episodes by subscribing to The Single Bogey Newsletter. I dont fault him for either of these things Im off my diet and need to motivate and restart it! Greeny will keep the audience up to date on the never-ending breaking news in the sports world that matters most to his listeners. He is also fearless with his driver. Great podcast, looking forward to the next season. They have 57 patrons now so they are not getting rich on this thing. because of chasing scratch, im working with golf specific physical therapists and going to Mike and Elis relationship with each other and golf is what keeps me anticipating each weeks new pod. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Kudos to you Craigers Reply beta_pleated_sheets 10.0 Additional comment actions . Mike's father, who simultaneously mocked and encouraged the hosts' quest. In the first round after deciding to chase scratch, Mike shot 3 over par? Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Wanted to go back and listen but couldn't remember. I played river bend the day before with my GPS watch. A sub dedicated for people who are serious about golf, but aren't serious. 2 Likes. Im listening to their New Years Eve 2019 recording in episode 2, and Im panicking in the car because they have the dream trip planned to see Irish Mike and get fit at TPI and Im trying to remember what day exactly COVID shut down the world and if theyll be able to make it! I like the focus on impact vs process, and I think its a helpful strategy for every golfer. Holiday episode is up, if you have the time I havent listened to it all yet. You have reignited my passion for the great game, love your content and genuinely laugh out loud at some of the conversation. Im definitely throwing them $5/mo for the extras. I have begun my own Chasing Scratch Journey! Two observations about the pod: the first is that its good to have things like this in your life, because you can tell your wife about this podcast youre listening to, and it helps her to know that there are guys in the world far more insane than you are. It has been suggested to me that slowing down play may improve my scoring. This makes me laugh so much. Get personalized recommendations, and learn where to watch across hundreds of streaming providers. I have burned through 5 seasons in 2 months. Agree with your comments on Eli downswing. Through these podcasts, Mike and Eli have made golf so much fun for me and Im completely addicted to the game now. It arrived today and is hilariously awesome. . Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves al. I was turning into a stage four clinger! I started to listen to this show at the request of a friend. "Engimatic" is from "Forever Yours" is by Wayne Jones Interesting that they are starting a patreon Cheap at $5 a month, but I think I have enough Mike and Eli in my life as is. The LGLG Beanie (Heather Gray) . But they are the shining example of no matter what you have been given or the opportunities that have been presented to you, it all boils down to having to do the actual work. Thats how you get it done, shades of the MJ flu game. Log In Sign Up. "The most understanding and supportive two women in the history of spouses. Juguemos NextBot : Chasing Memes y disfrutemos el tiempo de diversin. the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves I find their quest, their methods and the podcast to be an informative look into the world of amateur golf. If it matters in sports, it matters to Greeny. sale. PAST EPISODES available at, Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin. Skip trips to the grocery store and count on HelloFresh to make home cooking easy, fun, AND affordable thats why its Americas #1 meal kit, and Jon has been a customer for over a year. Now the majority of the podcast is dedicated to exercise/nutritional discussion, talk about club fittings and specs (boring for those of us who are not gear-heads) and thinly veiled plugs for Its about time. Want more of the Hosel Jockeys Pod? Been a fan since day one. And they show the importance of the mental game as well. With HelloFresh, you get farm-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered right to your doorstep. What a way to finish!!! Chasing Scratch is a podcast featuring the golf exploits of two men in their 30s with jobs and families on a quest to achieve the ultimate goal: a 0.0 golf handicap, often referred to as scratch. IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. You have ruined me. You'll hear from athletes, coaches, and the trailblazers that paved the way, along with detailed analysis and insider information from two of the most plugged in individuals in women's sports. relatable golf, classic 90s references, silliness, real friendship on display. Absolutely hilarious podcast. available. To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Honestly look forward to each new episode that these guys release. Been listening for a couple years now. Spend the afternoon with the boys guilt free. I was one tee up. As well as celebrating the successes. It's jam-packed with features that will help you on and off the golf course. I dont know their games, but it seems like strategy is the next major hurdle they have to face. Great guys talking about there golf game some of the time, sometimes about important things like like 90s music and aquatic death battles. Real guys, real golf experiences real fun! Throwing ad reads into the middle would have been very weird. Mike and Eli could fold right into our group from college. Having never really had much time to listen to podcasts, a recent house move for the family and I , and the acquisition of a 125km commute to work for me had made some form of audio entertainment a necessity if I were to avoid becoming just another RTA statistic. Within 5 minutes Mike needed to be brought back from negative town to positivity land. Good times! Just learned about this podcast and I think Ive found the meaning of life. The funny moments make the show. You can stay up to date on news, exclusives, and upcoming . This is the only podcast I make time for: Based on the idea from the podcast Chasing Scratch, Press J to jump to the feed. Chasing Scratch Reviews Best golf podcast out there "I have burned through 5 seasons in 2 months. Was trying to avoid spoilers so I didnt really check out the website too much. The Golf Podcast features all the latest golf news, instruction, and equipment from the point of view of real average golfers just like yourself. As someone who lives close to their club, its a huge advantage to be able to take a free hour and spend 45 minutes of it productively on the golf course. If you golf you will understand and love the show. Like so many others, I started golfing during the lockdowns as a way to get out and get some exercise . Tons of great golf tips and the tempo training has 100% improved my golf game. As Ive mentioned here a few times, Im reading Pelzs Short Game Bible published, I want to say, in the early 00s, and the typical distances there, arent the distances I read about (and occasionally hit myself) here. I dont know who Craigers is and at this point Im too afraid to ask. But listened to season 1 over a weekend. Ive posted several times about my new love for this pod, and binged the first two seasons over the past month. Absolutely loved listening to this. Should have written a review months ago. Outstanding show. Ive used their podcast as almost a baseline for myself. New Era 9FIFTY Snapback hat fully approved by Clark Griswold. I just reached the LSR episode where you call them out for blaspheming Adam Way. Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves all the kudos. Hilarious and relatable. Support the podcastand get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds theyve played together, and why Craigers deserves all the kudos. Im generally the quickest player anyone has played with. "Engimatic" is from Now they go play 36 holes of the gauntlet, and Mike fires an 88-88 and Eli hits an 80-84? This podcast helps people see the real process of getting better but also enjoying the game. #bepeace#Carl#Craigers#Pharaohs 3 Eric Cremeens @ECremeens1366 Apr 13, 2021 Replying to @ChasingLenny The LGLG Beanie (Gray/Navy) Sale Price: $15.00 Original Price: $35.00. But I bought integrated the Kudos To Craigers hat. His programs lead to results when they are followed, and what he suggests simply makes sense. I haven't seen this discussed here at all. via IFTTT, Bryan Allain 2023. Two guys. No, Im not the real Craigers. Great episode that could help any golfer that takes The Reverend's sage advice. Review our. Social Media Links Im more amused they gave listeners a way to email their wives Ive been contemplating something funny to send them. - Listen to 159 - Mike from The Chasing Scratch Podcast by The Hosel Jockeys Golf Podcast instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. Eli was 50 yards past this and was playing a tee back. Finding Craigers Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. Im nuts about golf, but I look well-adjusted compared to Mike and Eli. Adam Young is also a tremendous resource. Mike had a huge advantage with Steve on his bag, but still made mental mistakes. Fresh, funny discussions about the world of golf from the guys at podcastand get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: What is Geometry Dash Scratch Geometry Dash is an extremely popular platformer game that challenges players to navigate . achebert1217 June 20, 2021, 4:30pm #62. The Offseason helped launch the Chasing Scratch Podcast Youtube Channel. I recently found this podcast and its amazing. I was one tee up. This show is great. Want more of the Hosel Jockeys Pod? S6 Ep 6: Round One. 3. Use promo code CHASINGSCRATCH at for 10% off the Stack System. I think it makes sense overall, its not a ton of money and they are likely having these conversations anyways also allows them to winnow down people for events without making it really pay to play. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the show. Joe House is joined by a rotating cast of Ringer and golf-world personalities to break down the latest in golf headlines, news from social media, and delve into the world of golf gambling. Took a little break and did season 2 on another weekend. Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves all the kudos. I nail it, land it well, and its going to end up in the water? Twitter | Facebook | Instagram, In this two-part series, Adam and Jon discuss the pros and cons of the popular phrase "swing your swing." Hang out with Hayes, Noodles and the O-Dog as they talk Leafs, sports and pretty much everything that catches their attention. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices. Kudos to Titleist & FootJoy MUSIC CREDITS: "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased. Kudos to you! I up to season 4 and find myself listening to several episodes a day. He wasnt playing well and he admittedly like to play fast. Ryan, This is the most relatable golf podcast out there. S6 Ep 7: Finding Craigers. Overall, I dont think the podcast would work without their shared history and camaraderie. Eh, its Christmas weekend and a bonus episode I assume the numbers will pick up when they launch the new season, I have no problem with the patreon, I just thought it was interesting mike had said previously he dropped a couple grand on podcasting equipment and he and Eli were going to find something to podcast about. The Chasing Scratch Hammer/Nail Headcover by Cayce (Black) from $60.00 The SNARL Alpha Wolf Epsilon Hat $28.00 The LGLG Flag Headcover (Navy/Red) by Cayce . The list of its authors can be seen in its historicaland/or the page Edithistory:Chasing Scratch. So many inside jokes, so much laughter. Awesome editing, kudos to you Lenny. hide. Welcome to Fairway Rollin! Kudos To Craigers Hat Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast Kudos To Craigers Hat $33.00 sold out Say Kudos To Craigers on your head like you would in 1985. If you want to be amused, get in the habit of doing that, and then after getting that tempo thoroughly engrained in your mind, listen to Mike and Eli at normal speed. Second, I listen to all my podcasts sped up (normally 1.4 speed). The first "Honesty Hour" in the history of the pod takes place in episode 1. Support the podcast and get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: save. 13. "C Major Prelude" is by Bach Get notified by email when this product is in stock. Sweetspot contact adds a lot, so maybe his hand eye coordination allows him to contact sweetspot a lot. Support the podcast and get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: Chasing Scratch. But I bought integrated the Kudos To Craigers hat. And of course, kudos to you craigers. Mike and Eli, let me just You know when some new company is created, or an existing company launches a new product, or someone creates a podcast, and you think to yourself: Man, I had that idea, that could have been me! Well Chasing Scratch is the opposite of that. What is impressive is how much leverage and swing speed he is able to generate on the down swing. And lowest lows: Mike not being able to putt at the last major. Hearing about their experiences trying to get better are in perfect alignment with my own. A place to check my methods and see what other people are doing. Just please stop eating and talking on the show - I cant deal with it, Im going to have to start skipping any section with food being eaten while Only discovered you guys a few months ago after stopping playing for a few years. I think Eli will have a huge advantage in a club membership on a course hes already put up some good rounds on. What I find most interesting about the podcast is their approach, their struggles, and the people that they meet (and occasionally listen to) along the way. Be prepared for many many pop culture references from the 80s and 90s, which is outstanding for a guy like me who is almost the same age as both guys. I dont watch much YouTube, but will probably get into this. Subscribe oniTunesorAndroidto have new episodes sent to your device as soon as they become available. That isfar. This is so fun and so well done. Fun. (Its Will, hi!). Carl Weathers The unofficial mascot of the pod. I have hats,shirts, head coverplenty of CS merch. I thought I was wet for sure I wasnt even close. Am I the only one who is starting to think they don't have a chance? You guys killed the first 2 episodes! Subscribe oniTunesorAndroidto have new episodes sent to your device as soon as they become available.
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